Why are you reading this?

How much time do you spend reading business improvement posts and books or going on training courses?

Do you ever do anything as a consequence of that time?

Here’s how I make the most of my time:

• When I read I add items to my ideas or to do list as I go.
• When I’m on a training course or at a conference I take notes and put an asterisk next to anything that needs to be added to either of these lists later. I usually update them on the train on the way home. (Remember when we could use public transport fearlessly?)
• I set aside half a day a week to implement all these actions.

When I’m speaking at an event I often provide people with cards to note three actions that they will take as a consequence of my talk. It’s no good inspiring my audience if they don’t make any changes as a result!

Not all my tips will hit the mark for each one of you but I hope that they help you to improve your own business.