Becoming a proactive accountant

Many accountants promote themselves as being proactive but what does that mean? 

To me it entails regular conversations with our clients to ensure that they are getting the best out of their business. But that time needs to be paid for somehow. Many of our clients take our enhanced package with monthly, quarterly, or annual planning meetings in order to get this level of service but it isn’t part of our standard service.  

But what can we provide for the others? They receive a more passive service but we do our best.  

Minerva clients on one of our fixed fee packages are able to take advantage of our telephone support without additional charge. Any questions that we can answer by phone or email without having to research additional information or carry out extra calculations is included in their fee. We have a small library of helpsheets and videos on all sorts of matters. If somebody has asked us a question before we’ve probably written a help sheet. 

All our clients are able to receive our weekly Top Tips for Business Owners including a general Tax Tip. They can also join our monthly Money Matters webinars on topics that will help them to run a better business.