A good bookkeeper is worth their weight in gold!

I’ve said it so many times that I think ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) made me a Champion a few years ago to try and shut me up.

The line between accountants and bookkeepers is quite blurred these days. Many accountancy firms use client bookkeeping as a way to train juniors but we prefer to use a properly qualified bookkeeper for most of it.

As a technophile I love machine learning and other AI but bookkeepers are particularly good at detail and spotting anomalies. Accountants tend to view the accounts as a whole to ensure that they tell the true story of the business and to look for ways to help the business to grow or operate more efficiently. We provide telephone/email support to all our clients and their bookkeepers so that we can work together. This helps them to code strange items correctly first time. Depending on the size of client we also carry out regular bookkeeping checks using Xenon Connect or Xavier (some bookkeepers do this themselves)

With a good bookkeeper doing all the data entry and regular reconciliations we can just swan in at the year end, press a few buttons and produce the accounts. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement but it certainly makes our life easier if we have ‘clean’ records as our starting point. It also helps us to provide better value for money when we’re not sorting out messes.

Do you use a bookkeeper or do you do it yourself?