10 questions business owners should ask their accountant

  1. What was my turnover this month? How does it compare to previous months/years/budget?
  2. What are my main sources of income and how can I grow them?
  3. What is my gross margin and how does this compare to others in my industry?
  4. How much cash do I have in the bank? How much do I need to pay out in the next week/month?
  5. What is my working capital and how can I improve it?
  6. How much tax (corporation tax, VAT, PAYE) do I have to pay and when?
  7. What are the key financial ratios that I should track and why?
  8. How can I collect money from customers faster?
  9. What is the best accounting software and processes for my business?
  10. How can I grow my business or make it more profitable or increase the value for my retirement?

Do you have regular reports/conversations that show this?