You don’t need to outrun the lion

Things are starting to settle down a little as we adapt to a new normal and start to consider the best way to make use of life under lockdown and beyond.

Whilst the virus is still out there we need to remember that it is only social distancing measures which have prevented more of us from being infected. The reason that lockdown is able to be lifted a little is because we now have spare hospital beds. So please keep up your usual physical distancing precautions if you’re out and about.

But we do now have a roadmap of how the UK will change over the next few months, so we are able to plan how to get staff working as safely and efficiently as possible.

There will undoubtedly be some sort of recession but those of us who have been through the last few recessions are not scared by this and I’m blowing the dust off the content from the last recession as you read this. At the moment the economy is said to have contracted by about 30%. So only 70% of the opportunities are available and they’re not spread evenly across all industries.

So you don’t need to be ahead of the roaring lion, you only need to be ahead of 30% of your competition to ensure that your business is not one of the ones being eaten.

What can you do to stay ahead of your competition? Build a plan to include:

  • Marketing so your name is out there when others may still be licking their wounds
  • Tech investments or general efficiencies so that you can carry out work cheaper, better or faster than your competitors
  • Recruiting and training the best people as they are laid off from other jobs

If you need help planning then please do shout but, as always, the important thing is to have a plan. And a bit of cash from a bounce back loan may help too.

How is your plan looking for the next 3 months?