Useful tools – calendars

I’m starting to plan my 2020 activities so I thought I’d share what I use to record everything.

I have a variety of calendars which are all accessible via my phone so it’s easy to keep them up to date.


  • Master diary has all my appointments and is shared with my PA and my Calendly diary
  • Work allocated diary is visible only to me and allows me to schedule projects which can be shifted around as they aren’t dependent on anybody else.
  • Family diary is shared with my kids so we each know what the others are doing.
  • Birthdays etc
  • Bristol City FC fixtures (some days I wonder about the wisdom of this but it gives me a break from business)

But sometimes I like to see my time at a glance so, in addition, I have a large wall planner in the office showing school holidays, conferences and other speaking dates. I have 2 wipe clean monthly planners and a weekly one showing regular tasks and appointments as well as the tasks planned for each day. (I’ll go into task management another time).

Each course has its own set of dates so I keep the detail of these separately but they’re all collated in my master diary.

How do you plan your time?