Success is a journey, not a destination 

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe 

I saw this quote on Twitter today and I think it is exactly right. It also put me in mind of my son and the formidable Ten Tors endurance event that takes part on Dartmoor each year. 

They each get a certificate for completing the 35-55 mile course but only receive a certificate if the WHOLE team finish together.  

The important things they discovered, and the things which I have found in my business too, centre around the importance of your team. 


  • They combine their expertise with one first aider and two navigators in each team of six. Because they’re not all good at the same things.
  • They share team tents, cooking kit and shit shovel (as essential when wild camping on Dartmoor overnight as it is when running a business). This is much more efficient that everybody carrying a separate tent etc. 
  • They take turns in walking at the front when it is windy so no individual is overwhelmed. (The stronger ones also help carry the kit of the weaker ones when they need it.) 
  • They point out beautiful scenery to each other as well as navigational landmarks. They somehow find time to enjoy the trek. They also tell stories and jokes to share a few laughs along the way. 
  • In the last half mile they walk through an HONOUR guard of Scout flags held by the team managers and other adults who have been involved in their six months of training. The adult team who have prepared them beforehand.  Just before the finish the team line up ACROSS the path so that they all share the glory of their achievement as they cross the line together 
  • Their families are impressed by how much they have achieved TOGETHER (ok, I may have shed a few proud tears too).

Have you built a team to support you through tough times and to celebrate with you during the good times?

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.