How do I know when I need to delegate?

1.   Profitability – when you could make more money by paying somebody else to do the job while you earn more money elsewhere. This is why I have a PA.
2.   Procrastinating – when you’re not getting around to the task for some reason, either a genuine reason or an excuse because you don’t want to do it. Sometimes it needs to be you but, if somebody else can do the job then hand it over so that it actually gets done.
3.   Dislike – this is a bit of a luxury but is also one of the perks of running your own business. After all I persuade business owners to hand over their bookkeeping and accounts which I love and they hate (see also procrastinating!).
4.   Expertise – when somebody can do a better job than me it makes sense to pay them to do it. I recently saved hours by delegating an IT problem to a local company to sort out.
Learning to delegate may not come easy to some but it is the only way that your business will grow bigger than just you.