Creating a paperless business

There are all sorts of reasons for operating a paperless business. Saving paper is better for the environment, online saves physical space, online saves mess and cluttered desks.

Your accounts system probably creates most of your paperwork but it isn’t necessary to store paper receipts. Instead these can be stored as a simple scan or photo for the necessary 6 years.

  • There are apps such as Receipt Bank (aka Dext) which use optical character recognition to analyse your expenses as well as to store the document. Or you can just attach a copy to the transaction in your online accounts system.
  • Modern accounts systems can link to most banks so that you never need to handle paper statements again.
  • You can raise your sales invoices from an app on your phone. This has the added bonus that you can do it while still on site, email to your client and even include a button to link to your system for taking payments (you do take card payments, don’t you?)