Christmas planning 

It happens every year. Christmas. 

However you celebrate yours most of us have traditions that we repeat every year so why not remove some of the stress by having checklists? That way you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. 

Open house for 60 people? We have a checklist including baking 100 mince pies, brewing beer, printing invitations and decorating the house. Now the children are older it’s easy to delegate things. 

Even Christmas dinner has its own project plan written on the kitchen whiteboard. I start with the time we aim to sit down and work back through all the food and timings on the critical path. It’s also easy for any helpers to see. And makes sure that I don’t repeat the mistake of leaving the all important cranberry sauce in the fridge. 

Tea on the big day consists of a cold spread for people to help themselves. Due to the quantities the food is stored in various fridges, freezers and even the cold workshop so it’s easy to forget something. The checklist for this also doubles up as my shopping list. 

Make life easy for yourself so you have more time for fun.