“10% of the year is done”

So announced Daniel Priestley (he’s one of my business heroes by the way). Yes, it was a bit of a shock when I read it but I always feel as though there’s never enough time to implement all my ideas so it’s not a major drama.

As well as my normal ‘to do’ list I have a list of projects that are more time consuming but will make a big impact.  Each week I schedule in the next step on the current project(s) and slowly, slowly things move forward amongst the day to day work. Some people never take that first step because they’re intimidated when they look at the size of their great big hairy audacious idea. But that idea is worthless if it sits on the drawing board.

This step by step approach is why I’m always surprised when I look back at what I’ve actually achieved. I’m only ever working on one step at a time but, just as when I did my ironman in 2017, I eventually look up and see the finishing line.

What’s the first step in your big project? And can you take it this week?