What do singing and rugby have in common with business?

I was born into a rugby playing family. At least the men played rugby and, apparently, football was a woman’s game.

I did try playing football in my 20s and, being ambidextrous, I could run up and down either wing quite fast and I was equally incompetent with both feet. I was absolutely rubbish on the ball, played a 99 touch version of the game and lacked the confidence to try a goal even from 2m out. It won’t surprise you that my amateur career was mercifully brief.

One of the things that I had heard my father teaching my brother about rugby is that “if you go in hard, you won’t get hurt”. He meant that you needed to commit rather than faff around. It worked for me in football and for my brother and father in rugby. (The fact that both men suffered broken ribs when talked into “just one more game” in their 40s was more to do with their match fitness than anything.)

I’ve recently started taking singing lessons in order to strengthen my voice for the increasing amount of speaking that I’m being asked to do. I thought I couldn’t sing high notes as my voice “breaks” around B and so I’m cautious above that. It turns out that most people have a break like this and that, provided I attacked the higher notes, I can reach significantly higher. It’s about not faffing around.

If you’re serious about growing your business what do you need to do? And when are you going to stop holding yourself back?

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.