My marketing fail

Okay, they’re not my target market but somehow my parents hadn’t realised that I set up a business coaching accountants when I sold Hudson Accountants three years ago. Perhaps I made a flippant remark about being retired once, perhaps it’s because they only see the life part of my work-life balance, or perhaps it’s because I can’t get a word in edgeways.

So this post is just to make sure that the rest of my contacts have heard what I’ve been doing.

We run two courses:

-The Numbers Business Online for those in their first 3-5 years of running a practice

-ScaleUp Blueprint for those looking to scale up AND have a decent work-life balance

Both courses come with group coaching sessions

I also run individual coaching/mentoring for selected accountants.

I’m a professional speaker and author but coaching is mainly what I do.

They did know that I founded Minerva Accountants during lockdown to support more businesses and as an excuse to play with more fintech.

On the plus side my parents are incredibly proud of me, whatever I do or don’t do, and it’s that unconditional love that means I can take on new challenges and risk failure.